I'm home

Oh yes ! I'm home :)

So, this holiday I want to appreciate it by doing something ! What's something ? Hahaha. I don't think about it again lah. Another 1 month I have to make a beautiful memory that will keep in mine forever. I hope this holiday will make me grow up more. Perhaps.

Oh. a-lot-of-thank-you-and-i-love-you
for pick up me yesterday sharp at 11 pm at LCCT, elephant. It was a-bit-late ! Grrr ~ ! and thanks sayang for spend your time with me. Ohh yes. Another scene about McFlurry. What can i say you make my life complete and I really love you, dear Zaimin. You know rite, you are the best I ever had. We don't take any pictosa and I a bit regret it oke, sayang !

Just found it at tumblr. and I find it super-duper-triple-cute
Dinosaur cakap " I love you, Zaimin "

Even if I used to think married is far away from me for now. I still with my angan-angan. When i getting married later. I don't care if I wasting-a-lot-of-money on my pictosa. I don't care as long as I can keep it the best memory ever. 

So, elephant please be prepare for that. HAHA :)



  1. fulamak ~ terbaik lah. kirim salam kat elephant mung !