final vs balek

Bagi orang macam aku neh. Mesti lah tersangat bahagia apabila waktu untuk pulang ke rumah semakin hari semakin dekat. HAHA. 

OHhyeeaahh ! For the upcoming final examination neh, i have to struggle as much as I can because I want to backup back my pointer for the previous previous sem ! arghhhh ! tension tahu ! I never imagined that Science Computer subjects are tough like this ! Feel like dying already :(

So, the first paper start around 7 January and finish at 13 January. 

I have to become more and more hardworking. Please please please forget all the korean movies for this time being, aina. Be more responsible for yourself. Please ! :) 


Gemok tak gemok tak ? HAHA. Takpe takpe. Gemok gemok pun orang sayang :) 

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