HB sayang :D

Incik Pakwe
Honestly, I really really miss you
I miss everything about you 
I miss your smile, your voice, your face, your touch, your 'stupid' jokes
ohh YES
i miss everything

please be fast
i wish i can fly to him right now.

Incik Cinta Hati,
i'm falling again
falling in love with you
over and over again

Incik Zaimin,
Happy Birthday :)
Hubby, even jarak antara kita 
merentasi Laut China Selatan
tapi hati kita sentiasa bersama kan ?
Pleasee jangan nakal nakal boleh ?

Sayang, you lebih tua dari i. FACT !
Wish Allah bless you for everything you do !
i love you, incik comot :)

4 OCTOBER 2011

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