6 days to go ! (:

Lagi tiga paper je 
Hari neh, 30 April 2011
System Analysis and Design
Exam pasal design design.
theory banyak sangat 

Then sambong 3 Mei 2011
Paper akhir Computer Communication and Networking
Theory lagi. theory theory
kena hafal hafal dan hafal lagi lah
Bab bab hafal menghafal neh da lah lemah

Last paper 4 Mei 2011
Paper REPEAT discrete mathematic
where is theory olso
have to memorize again and over again

Then 5 Mei 2011
going to imagine cup
as a visitor. haha.
packing packing all the things !

6 mei 2011
InsyaAllah sharp 9.25AM
going back to peninsular
by using firefly
this is first time oke =.=''

four month holidays
please wait for me ! (:

Until then, there's no updating blog
because of my busy scheduling
oke. tipu.

kawan kawan, 
doakan kejayaan dunia akhirat saya oke

lots of love,
aina mardhiyah (:

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