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instruction :
once you are tagged, answer the question honestly.. no lying or cheating ok?

starting time : 1928 (baru balek kelas T_T)
name : Aina Mardhiyah bt Baharuddin
brother(s) : 1 orang
eye colour : cokelat gelap2
shoe size : size 6 or 7. (:
hair : hitam bersinar (:
piercing : Ada (:
height : 159 cm Tinggi kan (:
what are you wearing right now : Baju t-shirt tanpa kolar dengan seluar.
where do u Live : Klang but now currently at KUCHING sarawak
favourite number : 7 ?
favourite drink : Air Cokelat Sakura
favourite month : Jan, Feb, Mac, Apr, Mei, Jun, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dis
favourite breakfast : Honey star plus susu. Sangat sedap !!


broken a bone : nope
been in a police car : nope. (nakalnakal saya pun still chumel lagi *takde kena mengena pun.)
fallen for a friend : Errr yapp eerrr nope :p
fallen for a guy / girl for a short time : Ofkos. Name pun perempuan. Mudah tertarik pada yang hensem kan (:
swam in the ocean : Yapp
broken someone's heart : Yapp
cried when someone's died : Yapp
sat by the phone all night waiting for someone call : Nope. Sleep much better i think. Haha.
saved e-mail : Most important or from lecturer (:
been cheated : Yapp.


your room look like : Smooth green
what is right beside you : Bag and berukband and laptop ofkos
what is the last thing you ate : Nasi puteh + Ayam goreng + Terung sambal


the last person you tell : Tell what ?
who was the last person you danced with : Geng tarian kolej Allamanda. Ofkos.
who last made you smile : My family and my friends. Both of them


what are you listening right now : Bunyi laci. Ochwitt bukak loker dia. Bunyi guruh. Cam na hujan plakk.
what did you do today : Pagipagi pegi kelas. Petangpetang balek kelas.
are you the oldest : Yapp
indoors or outdoors : i more prefer outdoors (:


talk to someone you like : Who's I like ?
kiss someone : Nope.
sing : At english class just now (:
talk to an ex : I dont want to hear anything about him !
miss someone : Nope
eat : Nope


you talked on the phone to : My Mummy
made you cry : Encik ex boyfie
you went to the mall with : Ochwitt Flurry, Hazirah Sabri
who cheered you up : Emi Suhana
have a crush on someone : Yapp
what books are you reading right now : Linear Algebra
best feeling in the world : Finish all the assignment andd project ! (:
future kids name : Adam
do you sleep with stuffed animal : Errrr~
what's under your bed : I dont know (:
favourite sport : Tennis andd netball
favourite place : Dewan kuliah, CTF1. (Perli namanya)
do you have a job : Yapp. Now, fully study
what time is it now : 1947

Suppose kena buat tag neh dalam masa 14 minit. Tapi saya buat 19 minit. Haishhh T_T

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