Assignment pertama.

Oke. Belum balek Sarawak pun. Tapi assignment da start. Submit hari isnin 10 January 2011. Oke. Best gila ! Ta study apeape lagi tapi da start assignment. Linear Algebra as my first assignment andd sangat mencabar sebab saya tak minat math vector. Its little difficult compare calculus for me. Wondering if i can fall in love with vector again. Go Aina Mardhiyah. If you can score for calculus, then u can score fer Linear Algebra also. U can do it. Andd fer my repeat paper, Discrete Mathematic. I really hope i can kill you this time. Ouhh programming ! Its very hard to understand you. You are like someone playing difficult trick. Urghh ! Can we fall in love together ? We must fall in love oke ! Major in Software Engineering is not easy as i thought. It is very hard to understand computer language. Sape cakap belajar komputer senang ? Meh sini, nak kena sepak lah tuh.

p/s : Ouhh FCSIT, saya sayang gila kat anda. Sila bantu saya mencintai anda.

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