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once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note 
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at the end, choose 5 people to be tagged. you have to tag the person who
tagged you. if i tag you its because i want to know more about you :)

i have facebook, twitter, youtube, blogger, formspring, and blablabla
funky colourfull warna warni
very sensitive actually,but i try to endure it :)
now,taking software engineering at unimas
friends made me feel complete. thanks guys ! :)
when it comes to LOVE.i raised my hands and said i done with it.
i love make friends.
i dunt have any boyfriend.and i never plan to have one fer now.
music is my life.
crazy with twilight series. 
i like to sleep.
i like shopping and sometime i can waste my money
i make mistake and i learn from it.
i likelike to postpone my work until i got red letter from my lecture :)
want someone who's wear spetacles :) aaauwwww.. jatuh cinta :)
mathematics <3
i love to wear simple stuff like jeans and shirt
i have dimple
must get dean list !
love live laugh
love blogwalking 
saya suka makan makan makan dan makan
bila saya tension, saya tak suka bercakap
saya suka kucing
saya tak suka spider. d thing i scare much is spider (!)

p/s : sori fer late ea . i have no time lah . now, baru mampu na mengarot :)

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