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tibatiba terasa ingin ber'tumblr' kat blogger nie lah plak :)

I dreamt about you last night. I cried. I'm pathetic, but I miss you so much. I can't keep you out
of my thoughts, and it kills me because i know that I'm not in yours
because the truth is if you love a person. if you truly love them. no matter how bad they hurt
you, or how mad they made you, you will always take them back.

 p/s : sila kembali pada saya . saya sayang awak sangatsangat . sila beri saya peluang lagi . even saya tawu saya telah banyak menghancurkan peluang tuh . sila maafkan saya . sila sayang saya kembali awak (!) i need you,NF . can you forgive me fer all mistake im done ?

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