i ♥ you, goodbye :)

giving someone all your love
is never an assurance
that they will love you back.

some people are
just not meant to be in your life
no matter how much 
you want them to be

you hug him goodbye
like is nothing
while all you want to do
is hold on forever

i used to smile :)
when i told people
that you were mine !

but now,
I can't even smile and
say your name at the same time

as much as I  you
I have to say goodbye

because I know
u would be happier 
if I let you go

I'm sorry if I made you cry
I'm sorry if tears fell from your eyes
but remember
for every tear that fell from your eyes
two fell from mine

missing you isn't the hardest part
knowing I once had you
is what breaks my heart

I will never forget
the times we once shared
and I will always remember
how much you once cared
now,its over
it's time to MOVE ON

it's never easy to see
you turning back
but I have to take the pain
and cry all the way home
because I know it never be the same
I know when you leave
distance will keep us apart

but distance
no matter how far
can't changes these feelings in my heart

just turn your head when you see me
i will understand , honey :)

one day,
I will be able to look you in the eyes
without feeling the pain
I've caused you
I hope in time
you will be happy 
as you call my name
once again

happiness is too far for us now
but even if it's near
I know it will be hard for us 
to get there

its never gonna workout.
i  you
goodbye :)

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