credits to ema bustamam :D

first skali.sori ema.i cilok daripada u punya post.sori ea. :)

1) What's something you really want right now, be honest?
i cuma na hilangkan engatan i pada naeem firdaus.completely.

2) Would you ever let a boy/girl put you through hell and back?

3) Have you ever kissed someone whose name started with a J?
ta de rasenya.ta penah kot.

4) Midnight, who were you texting?
ta de sapesape.sebab i single la.

5) Does the last person you held hands with mean anything to you?
yap.its mean everything to me.

6) Did your last kiss mean anything to you?
i sangatsangat menghargai kiss dia yang terakhir tu.

7) Have you ever had a sleepover with the last person you kissed?

8) Remember the first time you kissed the last person you kissed?
ofkosla i engat lagi.

9) Would you be shocked if the last person you kissed texted you right now?
ofkos.sangatsangat terkejut punyela.

10) Who was the last person to call you babe or baby?
naeem firdaus.

11) How tall is the last person you kissed?
kepala saya selari dengan bahu dia.lebih kurang la.

12) Do you think relationships are even worth it?
yap.i think so.

13) Looking back, did you ever think you would be where your at now?
nope.i think i will be with him now.huh!

14) If you were on life support would the last person you kissed come see you?
i dunno.but i think nope.he never want to see me until end.

15) Are you an official couple with the last person you kissed?
yap.official couple with him.

16) How do you feel?
sangatsangat bahagia time tu.

17) Would you rather write a paper or give a speech?
i lebih rela bercakap dengan dia.walaupun untuk kali terakhir.

18) Are you heartless?
yes.i am.sebab tu jugak reason fer our relationship break. :(

19) Do you think its cute when someone kisses your forehead?
i think so :D

20) What are you going to be doing 5 days from now?
i dunno.tatao.ta pk pun lagi.

21) When was the last time you wore jeans?
tadi petang :)

22) What was the last thing you wore that was black?
sandal i.

23) What color are your eyes?
totally black.

24) Do you need a girlfriend/boyfriend to be happy?
i lebih memerlukan family andd kawankawan untuk lebih hepi.fobia untuk bercouple lagi :P

25) Do you always answer your texts?
kalau agakagak ada kedit andd agakagak rajin.i reply la :)

26) Is there someone that makes you happy every time you see them?
pastinya ada :)

27) Last person you cussed at?
lagi sekali.naeem firdaus.

28) How was your Friday?
hari official kiteorang clash ;(

29) If you look straight ahead past your computer screen, what do see?
memory with naeem firdaus.

30) Would you ever tell your mom about the things you've done sexually?
mestila mati.haha :D

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